Monday, May 28, 2012

Get your friends on Dropbox and reap the rewards

With Soluto you can set up Dropbox in just one click for your friends, family, and colleagues. Help them get Dropbox so they can keep their photos, files, videos, and important documents safe, access their important stuff from any device, and even share them easily with others.

Dropbox gives everyone 2GB of storage space absolutely free.  But that’s just the start. If you use Soluto to set up Dropbox for the people you help you’ll both get an extra 500MB of free space added to your Dropbox accounts. Just remember to enter your Dropbox referral link and everyone’s a winner.

You can get up to 32GB of free bonus space by adding people to Dropbox so start setting up Dropbox for all of your friends, and watch your own Dropbox grow!

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Make a DIY Dropbox while you get setup

With Soluto, you can setup Dropbox with just one click, on anyone’s machine, anywhere in the world. And here’s how you can assemble a DIY Dropbox in less than a minute, too :-)

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